Welcome to Bystro Blog!

Welcome to Bystro Blog, a brand new blog specializing in recipes of Russian-style foods and foods from the former Soviet Union countries. This begs the question… Why would anyone start a food blog when there are so many food blogs in general, and Russian recipe blogs in particular, already out there? The answer is, this one is meant to be different. The specialty of this blog is foods that are quick to make (30 minutes or less of active preparation time) and that can make a full meal, or a major part of one. This focus is reflected in the title Bystro, which is the Russian word for “quickly”. The title is Bystro Blog, instead of Quick Blog, to reflect the focus on Russian-style foods.

Mine and my wife’s favorite type of food to make is the Russian-style food that we both grew up with. The time we have available for cooking is very limited, and so the recipes we use need to have a short preparation time by necessity. It occurred to me that we are not unique in that respect. There must be a large number of people out there also always on the lookout for new recipes, preferably Russian-style, that will for into their busy schedule. Thus, this blog was born. My first goal in creating this blog is to share what I know in the hope that it will be of use to someone. The second goal is to start conversations. In other words, I’m hoping to get feedback on the recipes that I post, and maybe even get suggestions for new recipes.

My plan is to post 1-3 new recipes every week. Some of these will be original, others from various sources I’ll mention as we go along. I’d love to know what everyone thinks of the recipes, both before, and especially after, you make them. And now, I’ll stop with the introduction and start with the recipes.

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