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Hi! My name is Yury, and I’m also known as Bystro Blog. I began cooking out of necessity shortly after my wife and I got married and soon began to realize that this is something I enjoy doing. According to my wife, sometimes I was even good at it. Since then, I’ve been trying to expand my cooking skills by observing family members and friends as they cook, by trying different recipes, and through lots of trial-and-error. At this point, I think I accumulated enough successful recipes to take them public, so to speak, and to start my own food blog. I consider myself a closet foodie. While I love food for its own sake, as a true foodie should, the recipes I use do not reflect it. I cook for the practical purpose of preparing food that my family will enjoy eating, and nothing else. I consider cooking my hobby that I get to enjoy when I’m not working as a chemical engineer. My family and I live in Brooklyn, New York, where my wife and two daughters have the dubious fortune of enjoying the results of my cooking.


One Response to About Bystro Blog

  1. jonnyd2509 says:

    Hi Yury, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Your website is excellent; your stories alongside the recipes are very interesting and the images are great too.
    Keep up the good work!

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